industrial oils purification:

Industrial oils have an essential role in a device. Their role is cooling, isolation, lubrication, power transfer, friction and abrasion, protection against corrosion and…

Hard work and pollution can alter physical and chemical quality of oils in Turbines. Equipments with lubricant systems are also in the same conditions.

In hydraulic systems which the role of hydraulic oil is (lubrication, power transfer, reduction of friction and abrasion, protection against corrosion and…) are also extremely sensitive against pollution and 90% of machinery problems are due to polluted oil.

Hydraulic and turbine oil purification machine:model NNVOPH

NNVOPH oil filtration systems of Turbines and hydraulics manufactured by Niroonamad have a range of capacity from 500 liter to 10000 liter per hour.The products are manufactured and installed in (Stationary, Stationary with Steel Chamber, Carry able in Workshop and on Trailer.

The devices of Niroonamad are manufactured with, under vacuum method and using (Coalesce and particles) filters which are capable of purifying oil in Nass Standard level.Hydraulic devices are equipped with inlet and outlet pumps,Heater, Primary and Secondary filters, Coalesce filters, vacuum pumps, temperature controller, steering panel, high pressure hoses and…which are produced from best materials.

The capability of hydraulic device and industrial oils:

  1. Separation of free gas to the level of 0.1% vole or less
  2. Reduction of humidity to less than 50ppm
  3. Regulation of oil to NASS Standard
  4. Achieving a Standard level of suspended particles cleanness (ISO 14/13/10).
  5. Resistance increase against thermal pressure

The advantages of filtration device:

  • Indirect heat to warm oil (protection of oil against ionization and burning).
  • Oil filtration with high speed and efficiency
  • Elimination of pollutions, including water (solution and emulsion), gas (Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide,  Methane and…), suspended metal and solid particles.
  • Coalesce filters usage in order to eliminate suspended humidity and water from oil.
  • Alarm system to find the location of problem.
  • Designing the device with remote control (if requested).


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